Wk 15 – Artist Experience – Remix Culture

For my remix assignment, I decided to use images. I mashed up 4 corners of 4 different flowers to create one big, remixed flower. I picked these specific flowers because they are the birth flowers of my mom, aunt, grandma, and my own. The 4 flowers are a daisy, narcissus, marigold, and chrysanthemum. I haveContinue reading “Wk 15 – Artist Experience – Remix Culture”

Wk 14 – Art Experience – Graffiti Art

I found a cardboard box laying around in my garage so I thought that could give me a canvas to paint on. I didn’t have spray paint or anything like that but I did have some regular paint leftover from the finger painting activity so I decided to use that. I spent a long timeContinue reading “Wk 14 – Art Experience – Graffiti Art”

Wk 14 – Artist Conversation – Kiyomi Fukui

Artist: Kiyomi Fukui Exhibition: The Green Thumb Project Media: scrap paper molds, various seeds, and raised beds Website: http://www.kiyomifukui.com/ Instagram: kiyomimiz Kiyomi Fukui is a Japanese-American woman who lives in Long Beach. She graduated from CSULB with a degree in Printmaking. She works in the printmaking industry which shows through in her art with projectsContinue reading “Wk 14 – Artist Conversation – Kiyomi Fukui”

Wk 13 – Artist Activity – Sustainable Art

1.) My idea was to put together little snapshots of all the little trips I took the last few summers. Growing up, I played travel softball which gave me the opportunity to travel and play all over the country. I got to go to so many places and experience so many things I wouldn’t normallyContinue reading “Wk 13 – Artist Activity – Sustainable Art”

Wk 10 – Artist Experience – Drawing and Your Brain

I did this automatic drawing project with my dad, since that is who I’m lucky to be stuck with during these times. We improvised the big paper by taping individual pieces of paper together. We then sat down with a red marker and I explained to him what we were trying to do. We setContinue reading “Wk 10 – Artist Experience – Drawing and Your Brain”

Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Mahsa Soroudi

Artist: Mahsa Soroudi Exhibition: Nature‚Äôs Cadence and 7,500 Miles Website: http://www.mahsasoroudi.com Mahsa Soroudi is an artist originally from the town of Tehran in Iran. She comes from a family of art, her father and sister are actually painters. Growing up, she traveled a lot which gave her a good background on different cultures. She wentContinue reading “Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Mahsa Soroudi”

Wk 7 – Artist Experience – Counterfactual Identity

I took off all my makeup, put my pajamas on, threw my hair up in a bun, and went down into my buildings common room. I also thought putting on a pair of glasses might make me look even different. I decided to see what people in my own building thought of me, since IContinue reading “Wk 7 – Artist Experience – Counterfactual Identity”

Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Adam Sabolick

Artist: Adam Sabolick Exhibition: Double Wish Media: Oil on Canvas Gallery: Gatov Gallery East Website: http://logancreativeart.com/adam-sabolick/ Instagram: adamsabolick Adam is in his last semester here at CSULB and will be graduating this spring with a BFA degree from the Drawing & Painting program. This show, Adam was highlighting the idea of limits being put onContinue reading “Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Adam Sabolick”

Wk 6 – Art Experience – Shocking Art!

I chose to talk about vaping and nicotine because it obviously has become very popular especially among college students. I feel that it quickly rose to this thing that almost everyone does. I wanted to just highlight this topic as controversial as it is. I mainly just tried to find something somewhat relatable to theContinue reading “Wk 6 – Art Experience – Shocking Art!”

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