Wk 15 – Artist Experience – Remix Culture

For my remix assignment, I decided to use images. I mashed up 4 corners of 4 different flowers to create one big, remixed flower. I picked these specific flowers because they are the birth flowers of my mom, aunt, grandma, and my own. The 4 flowers are a daisy, narcissus, marigold, and chrysanthemum. I have actually wanted to get a tattoo of some sorts that incorporates all these flowers and the idea came to me to use that same concept for my remix assignment. I took all these pictures off of Flickr, using the modifications allowed setting. I then used one of my dads editing programs on the pc to combine all the pictures. (My dad takes and edits a lot of pictures so I used the program he uses.)

Internet Culture is very weird to me. There is so much out there that people create and put out for the world yet most of the time, we don’t know where any of it came from. I think it is very easy to obtain things from the Internet and not know where they came from as well as not credit the original owner/creator. I’m not sure where I stand with all of it because on one side I think it is right to credit where you get something, however on the other hand I don’t think things should get so strict that it becomes hard to create new art. I think that copyright should be modified in some way to give more credit but still allowing it to be easy to make new projects.

For my mashup, I choose to have the most basic form of copyright. I think that for me, the least restrictive, Public Domain, because I am not too worried about someone stealing my work. I took pictures from someone else and just combined them in a new way to create something new. I don’t think I would need to go to any lengths to protect this mashup as my own.

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