Wk 14 – Art Experience – Graffiti Art

I found a cardboard box laying around in my garage so I thought that could give me a canvas to paint on. I didn’t have spray paint or anything like that but I did have some regular paint leftover from the finger painting activity so I decided to use that. I spent a long time looking for a paint brush before ultimately giving up and decided my fingers could do that job. I channeled my inner child and finger painted, again, plus it turned out out to be really fun spreading all the colors around. I wrote my name in bubble letters first then I outlined each letter with a color. I then decided to extend the color to cover the entire cardboard. I didn’t like how separated and precise the color sections were so I tried to blend them together which didn’t really work out but it was fun and looks sort of cool (more or less). The inside of my name was blank so I decided to use white paint on the inside to make it pop. After it dried I thought going over my name in sharpie would bring it all together and maybe make it look more so like a graffiti. Not sure if that worked but that’s what I was going for.

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